This brassy world of ours…

FullSizeRender (2)Primitive man
Was most content and happy,
With limited desires
and restrained ambitions.
Digitalisation created a virtual world
With addiction to the Art of Living
in an imaginary and brassy world,
Uprooted from our very existence.
Civilization is an art of telling lies;
We demonstrate what we are not.
This brassy world of ours
gives a perpetual feeling of discontent.
It is an enforced neurosis
Man cannot explore the fate of history
And the ravages of time
The most despotic dictators
And flourished empires
have decayed into oblivion
The most powerful of civilizations
have been buried
And will meet nuclear annihilation.

Keep away from ostentatious frills stick to unbridled virgin simplicity.

The Daily Prompt Challenge: Brassy

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