Pearls of Wisdom

Like any animal that takes birth
It strives and it fights
All along to prove its worth.
Like nations conquer new frontiers
Not as much for real progress
But in competition with its peers
How different is man himself
His life is a mad race
Amassing power and pelf
This life-long struggle, to be at the top
Is all about showing it off
To friends and neighbors, never to stop.  
‘Tis not in acquisition, but in renunciation
The royal triumph is in restraint
The virtues of austerity and moderation
‘Tis not in material possessions and greed
But in giving freely away
Lies real victory indeed

Replete is history with stories and morals
But only a fool wouldn’t pay heed
Pearls of wisdom in many a life trials

Simple lifestyle and spartan trait
Diogenes created his own fate
‘N won over Alexander the Great!
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