Now is the time…

Dogmatic is your trust in your faith,
That others can’t relate
A religion stands on its tenets
Sans support of human hands
To prove its inherent strengths
Comparison it doesn’t demand
God made man, and he
Made hard regimented walls
That separate him from his kin

O fanatics! Can you unbind
From the conducts of religion
To open to the larger mankind
Away from stubborn prescription?

Instead, take a stance to serve
Not to annihilate the human race,
But to tend to it and tenderly preserve.

Stop rigid adherence to a holy book
Tangled in the loop of right and wrong
Come out of that self created nook
Mingle, and feel the suffering throng!
It can do without being harsh and hard
This fabric of religious belief
That the faith of the rest is marred
Resulting in aversion and disbelief

Now is the time: maim the radical creed
Leaven emotions with some compassion
Sectarianism and hate forever buried
A new world where peace is the passion!

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