Above n Beyond the illusion…


Leaving the child’s world blissful
Pleasures of careless abandon galore
The adolescent’s world is fast growing
Encompassing endless dreams and more

You find a vocation and work
And the heart longs for love
The society sucks you into its tangles
Responsibilities descend from above

Raising the young
Working for the nest
Like the hero unsung
You run without any rest

On the wrong side of youth
Before you know,
The body shows wear
Where’d all the time go?

Time runs out, senescence creeps in
Like a thief in a row
With accomplices of disease, decline
N’ that looming fear of death in tow

Caged in the disobeying body – mind
Is this it? Bewildered you wonder
Your golden days, now just an illusion
Life’s treasures time did plunder

But when in a dark place
You think you are buried
But you are actually planted
A sprout in a new world freed

Push that rock bottom you hit
Reaching up for the unrevealed
Pull in the strength reserve, don’t quit
A whole new world for you unleashed

WordPress Daily Prompt: Illusion







Now is the time…

Dogmatic is your trust in your faith,
That others can’t relate
A religion stands on its tenets
Sans support of human hands
To prove its inherent strengths
Comparison it doesn’t demand
God made man, and he
Made hard regimented walls
That separate him from his kin

O fanatics! Can you unbind
From the conducts of religion
To open to the larger mankind
Away from stubborn prescription?

Instead, take a stance to serve
Not to annihilate the human race,
But to tend to it and tenderly preserve.

Stop rigid adherence to a holy book
Tangled in the loop of right and wrong
Come out of that self created nook
Mingle, and feel the suffering throng!
It can do without being harsh and hard
This fabric of religious belief
That the faith of the rest is marred
Resulting in aversion and disbelief

Now is the time: maim the radical creed
Leaven emotions with some compassion
Sectarianism and hate forever buried
A new world where peace is the passion!

Pearls of Wisdom

Like any animal that takes birth
It strives and it fights
All along to prove its worth.
Like nations conquer new frontiers
Not as much for real progress
But in competition with its peers
How different is man himself
His life is a mad race
Amassing power and pelf
This life-long struggle, to be at the top
Is all about showing it off
To friends and neighbors, never to stop.  
‘Tis not in acquisition, but in renunciation
The royal triumph is in restraint
The virtues of austerity and moderation
‘Tis not in material possessions and greed
But in giving freely away
Lies real victory indeed

Replete is history with stories and morals
But only a fool wouldn’t pay heed
Pearls of wisdom in many a life trials

Simple lifestyle and spartan trait
Diogenes created his own fate
‘N won over Alexander the Great!
WordPress Daily Prompt: Create

Nothing’s perennially uniform..

A seed  grows into a sapling
The sapling into a tree
Tree bears fruit
Fruit bears the seed
Seeds fall into the earth
For the circle-of-life to repeat.
This divine norm
We’re destined to live by
Nothing is perennially uniform
As much as you’d try!
If change with-out you could never bring
‘Tis time you changed from within!

WordPress Daily Prompt Challenge: Uniform

The timeless message!

A distant black solid rock on the seashore
Not weathered by torrential rains
Nor by the scorching sun
Stood yet unmoved in the ever-changing expanse
Like an Indian Yogi, in a hypnotic trance
TO KEEP buried my explosive feelings
Like my sporadic, involuntary emotions
The rock taught by example
To be in suspended animation
Like a patient under sedation
SUCCESS failure, pleasure and pain
A flimsy mind’s imaginary creation
To watch these waves, rise and fall,
To master the art of self-abnegation
The timeless message of the rock’s contemplation.

The Neem

April is the cruelest month,
I glean through my window of broken glass
The leaves whistled every morn, till yesterday
The branches happily fluttered
The melody of rustle filled my heart with exuberance
I savoured, the never-heard, heart- soothing symphony
I struggled to fathom the imperceptible
Yet, couldn’t decipher the pure ethereal mystery.
But could spy invisible soul wandering around stealthily
Like an aimless pedestrian roaming on busy Bombay streets.

Oh! How I revelled in this spectacle, till yesterday.
April is the cruelest month.
The lush green Neem leaves have turned yellow today.
They looked like a famished unfed beggar.
There blew a harsh wind
The heartless Neem jerked its branches with a gusto
Shedding green- turned – yellow leaves, en masse
Like genocide committed by a religious fanatic!

Tears dripped down onto my innocent cheeks
My heart bled with excruciating grief
For the falling anguished innocent leaves…
‘It is high time we left’,
Whispered the lonely pale wrinkled leaf
Into my benumbed ear, agonising in grief.

Age creeps in surreptitiously
We renunciate things amassed hitherto
Pelf and power, wealth and wisdom,
Name and fame, beauty and brain
None can save us from the flood of drain!
Friends turned foes, we forget and forgive
To the loved ones we say goodbye
To merge with greater Soul in the blue sky…

~ Dr. Anand Manapure